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Hey y'all, what's up?

You wanna hear a funny story? When I first prepared to launch this online store, I struggled with whether I should infuse my products with my own thoughts, feelings and experiences. I mean, it's all about the customer, right? Then, as luck may have it, I remembered that those who would be interested in what I'm bringing to the table, are indeed interested in what I'm bringing to the table... and that's much more than a few t-shirts.

I'm a whole lot of a whole lot and I pour my heart into every single word I choose, so as you begin your journey through this shopping experience, I hope you enjoy getting to know me. I'm high key just a regular dregular 30 somethin year old girl from Dallas, with roots all over East/Central Texas, and a hardcore passion for social justice, Black Liberation, and really really good food.

One thing social media has taught me is that a lot of us have lived slight variations of the same lives. From youthful summer nights spent sleeping on pews at church revivals, to riding around all night with enough pump it up and body spray in one car to cause a fire, we are indeed all same same, but different. With that in mind, I hope that you're able to see yourself in my reflections.

I wish you all health and wealth, always and in all ways. @balancingbrilliance